Friday, May 11, 2012

green smoothie recipe

here it is, the green smoothie recipe as promised.
i whip this up for a quick nutritious breakfast, lunch or snack.
as it happens, its also been known to be a dinner.
quick. easy. cold. nutritious.

photo 1
6 cups fresh organic spinach {its treated with less pesticides}
2 cups of frozen berries {your choice}
2 cups coconut milk 
2 medium frozen bananas 
1 tbsp flaxseed meal.
cut both ends off bananas & cut in quarters. peel skin off.
1. blend spinach & coco milk until very smooth.
2. add 1 tbsp flaxseed meal. blend.
3. add berries & blend until smooth. 
4. blend in bananas 
photo 5
serves two 16oz smoothies.
ben asks for these daily. they're a great idea if you have kiddos {or husband} that won't eat their veggies. 
you can't taste the spinach and the coconut milk gives it such a creamy consistency that boosts the calcium content with out all the fat & lactose of yogurt. 
cheers to good tasting healthy treats! 


  1. This looks amazing! Yummy! I have been making fresh fruit smoothies every morning. I love the idea of cutting up frozen bananas. How does it taste with adding the spinach?

  2. so good! I can't taste it at all! So adding it really boosts your veggie intake for the day.

  3. Those smoothies look goo-ooo--ood!


  4. Okay, yum. Totally making this!


  5. I love green smoothies and green juice!!! I usually use Kale, also a great green with loads of health benefits! So good!!!

  6. Green smoothies are so healthy for you. I love adding apples and ginger to spinach and coconut water. The ginger gives it a nice kick.

  7. oh these sounds excellent! I just started using spinach in my smoothies and I was so surprised that you couldn't taste it! I'm definitely going to try this with the coconut milk :)

  8. I've had this three times now and I absolutely love it! so delicious and nutritious! Thank you so much for sharing! Please post more of your splendid recipes!

  9. Lauren, yay I'm so glad you liked it! Isn't it so addicting?! Absolutely, I'll keep the recipes coming! ;)

  10. Isn't the spinach a pleasant surprise? It's wonderful that you get all the nutrients from it and can't taste it!

  11. Oh ginger?! I love ginger, I hadn't thought about adding it to coconut water before ...good idea!

  12. Good! let me know what you think or if you add anything different that I should try.

  13. Green smoothies are the best! I make mine exactly the same but with almond milk. I bet coconut milk is amazing, I'll have to give it a try!