Saturday, January 26, 2013

first intake meeting

***written Tuesday 1/22/13


january 4th we had what is called our "first intake meeting". i was insanely nervous the morning before. mostly because i had no clue what to expect. all i knew was that they were going to be asking us a lot of personal questions. not that this whole infertilty adventure hasn't been stressful enough i now felt the pressure to make a great first impression to a person that could potentially have a big say in whether or not i get a baby. a bit dramatic, i know, but that's how i felt. in all my nervousness i mixed up the time we were supposed to be meet by a half hour. we were late. that only added to my nerves. freaking out, i was completely convinced that points would be deducted for my irresponsible mishap. do they keep points? ...i don't think so but in that moment i was convinced they did and that i just screwed us over.


basically i was overreacting and the woman we interviewed with was  more than understanding and the 2 1/2 hour interviewing began.all of it was to basically get to know us as individuals and as a couple. it turned out to be a pretty pleasant experience. both ben and i felt that it went well. from what we could tell we were stellar interviewees! finally we filled out our child profile, which is a form letting the agency know what kind of child we are open to bringing into our home.


for us starting out as new parents we really want a baby 0-2 years old and are open to race and gender. also we are open to taking a drug exposed baby. it's really not as frightening as it sounds.
the woman interviewing informed us that everything looked great with us. however, she did give us a warning. the only way we wouldn't be a good candidate for their agency would be if they had a recent influx of couples wanting babies whose child profile (age wise) is wider than ours.
then she released us to wait, until the 28th. she would be meeting with their committee by then and she'd have an answer for us about moving forward or not with their agency.


so here we sit waiting, in the silence. it's been agonizing, this waiting. simply because i can't do anything. i can't do anything to make this whole bringing home a baby thing go any faster and it's frustrating.
i just want to be doing something to feel like i'm moving forward. ugh.

we'll hear back soon enough.

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  1. Sending good vibes your way and hoping that God finds the perfect little being soon for you to love.