Monday, February 1, 2016

This ones for April

As I waited in line at the post office to mail off some products to loyal customers today I met a calm, slender, studious young woman. I shyly commented on the Warby Parker box she held in her hands + we slowly exchanged enthusiastic commentary on our favorite frames + how the ones you think will be your favorite almost always turn out to be the biggest mistake for your face shape. Our conversation carried over to an exchange of how she adored my hat + my gentle confession 'it's from Target' made us squeal about how each of us favor Target's hats + share the same thinking about their sturdy construction.
Somewhere after she giddily shared with me that in March she's leaving for 27 months to join the Peace Corps with hopes to foster an understanding between the Ukrainian people + Americans. As she passionately explained to me her assignment within the education department she couldn't help but bounce up and down with joy + unconsciously kick her right leg up behind herself with emphasis on the good parts. As she spoke I couldn't help but cheese-illy smile along with her, with every word and breath her passion infected me. So much so that I began to feel as if I was going along on this adventure with her! Where's my bags?! It was near the end of our conversation, after my packages had been carefully delivered + payed for + our conversation was drawing its awkward close, that I realized it. 
He was with us. Not only was he there He was speaking to me, reiterating something gently to my spirit. 'When you seek me you will find me when you seek me with all of your heart'. You walk through days that seam ordinary and mundane but to me nothing is mundane, nothing is ordinary. I am with you in all of it + I have surprises around corners you wouldn't expect. I'm in the moments you pass by and I'm in the moments you choose to open. A simple hello or silly exchange can open up a door to heaven you've been asking to be opened. Lift your head lovely one and see that beauty is all around and its in the people I've created. There is good in this world and its in the heart of people. Unassuming everyday people all around us are on assignment to spread love + light + kindness making this world a better place. World changers are all around and we have the potential to connect with them everyday.  

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