Saturday, January 18, 2014

its time

in short our lives have changed and i craved a new place to share it. a name change to the blog, for me, was the motivation to get me to come back to these pages and mark down our lives. i outgrew the old blog. like the tight colored jeans of yesterday, it just didn't look or feel right any longer. to me i felt the old blog fenced me in and my free spirit nature bucks up against any fencing. i needed a name, because to me the name is everything about getting me to visit. i had to be motivated to write and share. 

i tossed and turned over a name for months, nothing clicked. then a few weeks ago, in a moment of motherhood chaos, fussing children surrounded needing my attention, it hit me. no joke, as i poured a bowl of honey nut cheerios and almond milk, as i prayed for a name, inspiration struck and it dawned on me. of course because i'm in it! that's it! i'm finally entering into my "land flowing with milk and honey".  we are in the beginnings of living the life we've prayed for and been promised so many years ago. our children have come and we are entering into our promised land and the future is good and it is bright and there are blessings overflowing in this new land. because God has promised and He has and is delivering. 

i make no commitments here other than to write when inspiration hits and to be honest about us and not allow opinion to taint my intent.

photo credit: leah hope photography 

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