Tuesday, October 7, 2014

a deep exhale

when i imagined creating this post i thought i would have many words to say but as it turns out i don't. sometimes there are no words only emotions and right now i'm bursting with them. 66 weeks in the making and now it's done. forever family. 
world please allow me to introduce you to the three most amazing children on the planet! they're world changers! Riah Jo McLennan, she has my mothers and mine middle name and she could have come from my womb, we're cut from the same cloth. she is my atonement child. my redemption. Braxton Pike McLennan, he is our first and was the gateway for this beautiful bunch. my secret prayers were for a ginger baby to give my mom and dad and the Lord delivered above and beyond with him. my heart swells with such love. Brooks Avett McLennan, dear goodness this baby is all that is lovely and completely has me wrapped around his finger. i'm beginning to understand why the "babies" of the family get away with everything! be prepared to gush over their adorableness, Lord knows i do. 

and so the next chapter begins...

photo credit leah hope photography

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