Thursday, October 8, 2015

DIY Bookpage Wall

if you follow me on instagram then you probably saw me post a pic with some old books a while back claiming a future DIY. this is what we did with them. it's not an original idea i know. i've seen these walls as backdrops on etsy sites. BUT, i figured it was a genius affordable idea for birdie's room in our rental house. i was originally going to apply wall decals in her room, which i enjoy + have used many times before in our last house. however i really missed having a wallpapered wall in her room + thought we'd give this a try.  

i didn't have an instruction manual to follow so i pretty much just went with my gut instincts when it came to the application of these pages. we're renting our home right now + for anyone who knows the woes of renting when it comes to wall styling it can be challenging. double sided tape is a miracle medium as far as i'm concerned. it manages to adhere to a surface remarkably well without removing the wall upon removal. it wasn't a difficult process at all just terribly time consuming. there's no science behind it + i didn't take any photos but removing the binding of the books + tearing out the pages is the first step.  

after you've removed the pages, i just ripped them out + allowed for frayed edges because i like the look, apply a piece of tape to all four corners on the backside of each page. then place on your wall + rub firmly to ensure security. then go, go, go until you're finished. we ended up using 3 books total, 6-8 rolls of double sided tape + about 4 hours to complete. i went with a two toned look selecting lighter + darker books + found that the books before the 1970s had the best paper coloring.

we're not entirely finished with her room yet. i'm still waiting on a sign i ordered from House of Belonging. but we're pretty pleased with the turn out for a rental space. 

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